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El Rodeo: Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser for Mr. Svigeli


We had heard that Mr. Cassimir Svigelj is very impressive young guy who is running for Ohio State Representative as a Democrat in the 16th District (i.e. Rocky River, North Olmsted, Fairview Park, Bay Village and Westlake) so on Monday, March 12th, we decided to attend his campaign kickoff fundraiser at "El Rodeo" on Lorain Road in North Olmsted where we met Mr. Svigelj and quite a few of his supporters including his lovely fiancé, Ms. Anna Baaklini.

We learned that Mr. Svigelj is 4th generation Slovenian and his heritage means a lot to himself and to his family. In fact, quite often families initially named Svigelj decided to drop the "j" off the end but Cassimir's family chose to retain it because they are proud of their cultural identity. 

On his website which can be located at Mr. Svigelj presents his views on such issues as education, the opioid epidemic, and women's rights. 

Needless to say, we asked him about immigration and he said that he was certainly disturbed about some of the things that have been said as of late. Mr. Svigelj then stated quite clearly that he does not believe that is right to blanketly refer to foreign-born people as criminals and/or drug dealers when the great majority of them are very hardworking people.

Mr. Svigelj certainly knows about hard work since his mother, the now Ms. Melissa Marini Svigelj-Smith, was a young, single parent who worked full-time while attending college to become a teacher. She proved to be a fine role model for her son, Cassimir, who also worked full-time during his college years and now has a degree in political science. Currently he supports himself by working two jobs and was strongly considering going to law school before the rare opportunity to run for Ohio State Representative presented itself so he decided to go for it.

To be sure, Mr. Svigelj has quite a challenge ahead of him because, even though he has no opponent in the Democratic primary in May, he will face an incumbent Republican in November in a district which usually votes the conservative line. Nevertheless, his determination is inspiring and it seems like he has attracted a devoted following.

When it was time for him to say a few words to his supporters, he was introduced by both his fiancé, Anna, and his mother, Melissa, who said she was quite proud of her son because he has "never been afraid to be himself and stand up for his principles."


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC