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World Cepelinai Day


Unfortunately, we cannot always make it to all of the events that we want to and one of these was one that was featured on the "" website which was "World Cepelinai Day" that took place on Sunday, February 4th at the Lithuanian Club on East 185th Street in Cleveland.

This was the first time that we had heard of this occasion and, even though we had other plans at that time which kept us from attending, we were still curious so we stopped by the Lithuanian Club on Tuesday afternoon to find out more. Once there, we encountered the Club's president, Ms. Ruta Degutis who kindly put aside her work to talk to us for a few minutes.

First of all, we found out that "cepelinai" is Lithuania's national dish and is composed of grated potato traditionallly stuffed with a meatball filling but other fillings are fine. In this case, on Sunday the Club was offering, for $5.00 each, "cepelinai" with stuffings of pork, beef and bacon and onions, mushroom, cheese, salmon, and reuben (corned beef, sauerkraut, and cheese). Ms. Degutis told us that some 200 "cepelinai" were sold and one person even took home 20 for his super bowl party.

In fact, Ms. Degutis informed us that the super bowl was part of the reason that this "American-made holiday for Lithuanians all over the world" was initiated back in 2014. It seems that Mr. Jouzas Vaicinunas, a Lithuanian living in Detroit and sadly now deceased, likened the shape of a "cepelinai" to that of a football and figured that Super Bowl Sunday would be an ideal time to remind Lithuanians living abroad of their heritage.

Of course it took a while to make the new holiday known but Mr. Linas Johansonas, the noted journalist with took up the cause and wrote about it as he did in 2016 in the following Facebook post:

Ms. Degutis smiled as she said that Lithuanians living as far away as Australia now know about it and the number of locales grows yearly.


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