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Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce New Year Celebration; Eastern Lake County Coffee Contacts; Opening Ceremony for 2018 Black History Month; "Souper Bowl" Networking Event


On Wednesday, January 31st, and Thursday, February 1st, we attended several networking events and the kickoff event for Black History Month in Cleveland.

Our first gathering was the 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration put on by the "Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce" (GCCCC) but in no-small-part organized by our friend Ms. Chia-Min Chen, Asian Liaison to the Community Relations Board at Cleveland City Hall. It took place in the Rotunda at Cleveland City Hall

This was the 2nd annual networking event for the GCCCC which kicked-off just a year ago. In fact, we were among the 200 people who took part in the initial networking event in Tower City in February, 2017.

While we were in the Rotunda, we said hello to Ms. Xin Jin, GCCCC Vice President, who was busy laying out an excellent dinner catered by the "Szechuan Café" in Asia Plaza. 

We also spoke with Mr. Charlie Wu, an attorney who obtained his H1B visa in 2001 and his Green Card in 2008 with the help of "Margaret W. Wong & Associates".

During the brief ceremonies, Mayor Frank Jackson presented Ms. Su He, Executive Director of the GCCCC, with a proclamation which read in part that the work of the GCCCC "to bring the Chinese American business community together along with Chinese natives in the Northeast Ohio area, connect them to our many resources, and celebrate their successes deserves commendation."  


On Wednesday morning we got up early to attend an Eastern Lake County Coffee Contacts which was held at "Burgers 2 Beer" on Crile Road in Concord. 


While we were there, we talked to Mr. Mark Wainwright about the 2018 Annual Harvey High School Athletic Boosters Reverse Raffle which took place the previous weekend at LaMalfa Party Center. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend even though "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" purchased a ticket to it but Mr. Wainwright said that the event was a fine success and was attended by just over three hundred people.

Along the way, a friend of ours from a local staffing agency gave us an excellent tip about our services possibly being needed by a local business that employs a lot of foreign-born people. We certainly intend to contact this company if not stop by there. 

Since we travel around a lot, we are constantly charging our phone in our car so Mr. Matthew Gollini, the owner of "Mentor iPhone Repair" passed on some knowledge about the type of charger cable we should be using and where to purchase it for a reasonable price  which was quite helpful because, to be sure, we cannot afford for our phone not to work properly.

We were pleased to learn that "Deepwood Industries" which helps people with special needs find suitable employment will be offering diversity training to the companies that they frequently work with which is a trend that we support and would like to see more often.

Before we left, we visited with Mr. Adam Beaulieu, Assistant General Manager for "Burgers 2 Beer" and found out that they have four additional locations at the moment and another one starting up soon. The appetizers that Mr. Beaulieu provided for "coffee contacts" were excellent and these included tater tots, fries, chips, and a delicious dip. In addition, it is possible to craft 20 different burgers including a veggie burger (for us) so we might be gathering up some friends and seeking out a location very soon.


Next, we headed over to the Rotunda at Cleveland City Hall for the Opening Ceremony and Luncheon for 2018 Black History Month whose theme is "Clevelanders: Standing Strong Through Adversity". 

One of the highlights of the program was a stirring speech by Ms. Natoya Walker-Minor; Chief of Public Affairs for the City of Cleveland; in which she stressed the importance of resilience and faith because these things can help us overcome our misfortunes. She noted the accomplishments of prominent African-Americans who have played a vital role in Cleveland's history and urged us to be inspired by their lives and deeds because there still is a lot of work to be done. 

Likewise our friend Cleveland City Councilperson Kevin Kelley contended that the more he studied, the more he believed that Cleveland history and the history of African-Americans in Cleveland were intrinsically linked; he didn't know where we would be without the their contributions which are noteworthy in all fields. 


Several other people who contributed to the success of the program were Ms. Shelley M. Shockley; Manager of Marketing at Cleveland Public Power; who acted as emcee; Bishop Brandon Owens who offered opening and closing prayers; Ms. Victoria Hubbard-Barnes and "Profound Worship" who gave musical performances.

Another highlight of the early afternoon was the honoring of thirteen people who have really made a difference in the lives of their fellow Clevelanders. These were Cleveland's Police Chief Calvin D. Williams, Mr. James Box, Lady Gilmore, Mr. Herman Jackson, Ms. Adrienne Kincaid, Mr. Daniel Gray-Kontar, Mr. Melvin Burke, Ms. Pamela M. Hubbard, Ms. Sharyna C. Cloud, Mr. Tim Roberts, Ms. Teresa Sanders, Ms. Melony J. Butler, and Amir El-Hajj Khalid A. Samad. 

As Reverend Grady L. Stevenson; Interim Director of the Community Relations Board; said that those people referred to above are in the process of making history right now and that we all need to realize that we all have the capacity each day to make someone's life better.  

Throughout February, many events will take place either in the Rotunda or other locations scattered throughout Cleveland and we hope to attend as many of these as we can. It is also important to note that the life and contributions of Mr. Dwayne Browder will be commemorated at the same time. Mr. Browder passed in 2017 but in the course of his life he did a lot to help young people and those in need of housing. We encourage our readers to go to this link to get a good overview of his splendid life:

It is no secret that the 2018 Super Bowl will take place on Sunday. This inspired "Maplewood at Twinsburg" a senior living community on Sussex Blvd. in Twinsburg to put on a "Souper Bowl" networking event on Thursday evening. Although we were a bit puzzled as to why we would get an invite to it because we are seldom out in that area, we did receive an invitation so we decided to check it out.


Upon arrival we were given a tour of the beautiful facility, which mostly serves those in need of memory care, by Ms. Stacie Feiock, Director of Business Development, and figured out that we probably connected at the annual Women's Expo put on by the Twinsburg, Solon and Aurora Chambers of Commerce where we tabled for several consecutive years.

Taking the tour with us were Ms. Sue Messisco and Mr. John Loew from "Senior Helpers" which provides assistance to seniors who wish to keep living in their homes. In fact, we met quite a few people from different businesses in the "in home care and assistance" industry. We were impressed to learn that they often refer clientele to each other thus putting the needs of those that they serve first. Such ethical practices seem to have worked very well for them in terms of being successful businesses too.

As far as dinner, we were served French Onion Soup, a Beer-Cheese Soup, and some Chili all prepared by Mr. John Orlosky and those who work with him in culinary services. As vegetarians, we could not sample the Chili but the two soups were excellent. In fact, we had four bowls of French Onion Soup!

(Note: the bowls were quite small but then, again, the soup was great!)


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC




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