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A Day at The City Club with Mr. Osborne

 On Friday, February 9th, the City Club welcomed Mr. David Osborne, author of "Reinventing America's Schools: Creating a 21st Century Education System" in which he makes a strong argument for charter schools as vital element of education at this time and in the future.

During his presentation, Mr. Osborne elaborated on the findings of his extensive research as he upheld charter for their accountability in terms of performance, flexibility in terms of modeling for their students' needs, and the fact that they are run in-house so issues could be addressed in an effective way.

 Mr. Osborne went into detail as he talked about the tremendous difference that charter schools have made in places like Washington, D.C., New Orleans, and Indianapolis.

 Of course he acknowledged the fact that many charter schools in places like Ohio are not working out so well but he maintained that this is because they are not held to a suitable standard of accountability; Mr. Osborne firmly contended that if a school could not meet its goals within an agreed upon time period it should be closed, period.

 On this day there were a lot of people involved with education at the City Club including Mr. Eric Gordon, CEO of CMSD; Ms. Susan Ertle from "Friends of Breakthrough Schools"; Ms. Terri Manns from "Intergenerational Schools"; Mr. Faith Summer from "Horizon Science Academy"; Mr. Tony Podojil from "Alliance for High Quality Education" Mr. Piet Van Lier from the "Cleveland Transformation Alliance"; and Ohio School Board Member Ms. Meryl Johnson.

 We ourselves had a good conversation with Ms. Celeste Eller who taught second graders in the Cleveland Public Schools for many years and her husband, Robert.

 Mr. Osborne concluded his address by overall praising the "Cleveland Transformation Alliance"for its efforts and accomplishments regarding our schools. You have done great work," he said. "and you are on the right road."


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

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