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2018 Abrahamic Traditions Dinner


Our other event for Thursday, February 8th, was the 2018 Abrahamic Traditions Dinner which took place at "John Knox Presbyterian Church" on Lorain Road in North Olmsted.

This annual event was organized by the Turkish American Society in order to foster friendship between the Islamic, Judaic, and Christian communities and to honor religious diversity.

Accordingly, all of the attendees were encouraged to sit with people who we did not know during dinner and engage in conversations about who we were, our faiths, and what motivated us to attend this event. Along the way, we encountered a couple of people who were assisted by "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" on immigration matters. 

The theme for the evening was "Faith-Based Responses to Relief Efforts" and the three speakers who addressed this topic were Pastor Tom MacMillian from the "John Knox Presbyterian Church" who was our host; Rabbi Enid C. Lader from "Beth Israel-The West Temple"; and Dr. Zeki Saritoprak, Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies at "John Carroll University".

Basically all of them agreed that in order to truly be a person of faith one could not be content to simply talk about helping others, one had to actually take action to the best of her/his ability and make use of her/his special talents to do so.

It was also important to not limit one's services to only those of shared beliefs; a person in need of help is a person in need of help regardless of which particular higher power that she/he answered to.


Accordingly, all three talked about various relief efforts that their institutions and/or themselves had been involved with over the years. We learned that Pastor MacMillian had even been to Central America quite a few times over the years to offer hands-on assistance to relief projects.

We were heartened to learn all faiths supported endeavors to help immigrants and refugees; it was said that such people were often quite vulnerable when they first come to a new land for whatever reason but they will ultimately be an asset to societies and there are abundant opportunities for

them to learn from us and us to learn from them.

Afterwards we talked to Mr. Tim MacMillian, the father of the pastor about what we took from the program. We agreed that it was important for each individual to give his utmost which for some might be taking part in a relief project; for others it might involve making donations of money or supplies; or for those without too many physical or financial resources it might be just extending a hand in friendship.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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