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MWW Holiday Parties

On Saturday, December 1st, Margaret W. Wong and Associates, LLC had its annual Holiday Party at its offices on Chester Avenue which was attended by hundreds of people. 

This year, the attorneys and staff from our offices throughout the country flew in to take part in our holiday gathering and special get-togethers were arranged at the Pearl of the Orient in Rocky River on Friday, November 30th, and at the Pearl Asian Kitchen in Shaker Heights on Saturday night after the Holiday Party concluded.


We also conducted a firm-wide meeting where everyone was able to finally meet their colleagues from other offices and share ideas about how to deal with common problems and confusion that may arise. Immigration law is rewarding work, but it can be complicated! It was good to exchange strategies for how to make us all more effective for our clients.

I, Michael Patterson, Community Liaison for the Cleveland office, very much enjoyed attending the gathering on Friday night because it gave me the opportunity to talk to those from Cleveland office whom I seldom get a chance to talk to because I am always out in the field and to meet those from other offices that I never encountered before (but certainly want to again) like Ms. Elena Albamonte and Ms. Florence Lohry; who was there with her son, Teo; from the Atlanta office and Mr. Joseph Fungsang from New York.


I especially liked sharing a table with and getting to know Mr. Lukasz Waszczuk, our new web designer, who was there with his wife, Dr. Leidy Nanez. I learned that Mr. Waszczuk had immigrated to the United States from Poland with his family when he was but 14 years-old and that Dr. Nanez had immigrated here from Columbia a relatively short time ago.

Throughout the evening, Ms. Lily Yao Hwang of Pearl of the Orient did an excellent job providing for our needs and, of course, we were all delighted by the presence of Ms. Margaret W. Wong's beloved dog Theo who has indeed become a mascot for our office.


The next day was our Holiday Party and I spent a good part of that time helping to keep the cloak room organized and handing out fortune cookies and red cloth bags (upon which our logo was stamped) to our guests upon departure. Nevertheless, I made it up to the second floor party room for sustenance on several occasions and was able to say hello to a lot of friends that I have made over the years since I joined the Margaret W. Wong and Associates crew.

 Ms. Wong and Attorney Beryl Farris

Ms. Wong and Attorney Beryl Farris

Ms. Wong herself was kept busy for almost the entire event taking photos with clients, friends, and coworkers. She has certainly touched the lives of many different people; everyone wanted their turn to meet her.

Along these lines, I liked it that my friend, Ms. Debbie Hansen of, was able to overcome a tough schedule and be at our party. To be sure, I also got a couple of tips about upcoming Holiday programs in Cleveland that I will make an effort to attend.

It seemed like our attorneys and staffers from outside of Cleveland were enjoying themselves, too, and I overheard a couple of them saying that after the Holiday Party was over, it was their intention to take in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I would very much would have liked to our gathering at the Pearl Asian Kitchen that night but, predictably, I was committed to attend the annual Gala of the Latino Business League that took place in Canton which turned out to be very worthwhile.

The next day was Sunday and I called my good friend, Mrs. Judy Bender who lives in Broadview Heights to report on my goings-on as of late. Mrs. Bender said that, due to health problems, she could not make it to the our Holiday Party but just loved getting Ms. Wong's invitation each year and especially took delight in reading the letters regarding how Ms. Wong's family is doing.

Mrs. Bender is a very generous contributor to local community functions and each year she arranges for several gift baskets to be donated on behalf of our firm because she very much admires Ms. Wong for what she does to assist immigrants despite great adversity at this.


Justin Faulhaber