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City Club with Reverend Tracey Lind

 City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop and Reverend Lind

City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop and Reverend Lind

On Friday, November 30th, we went to the City Club of Cleveland for a very poignant and inspiring program in which the Very Reverend Tracey Lind, formerly the Dean of Trinity Cathedral for 17 years until her retirement in 2017, spojke with great honesty about being diagnosed with early stage frontotemporal dementia and how it has changed her life as well as that of her partner, Ms. Emily Ingalls.
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Reverend Lind spoke of how she came not to view her condition not as an affliction but as an opportunity to view life from a different perspective with an emphasis on living "in the here and in the now."

To be sure, this is not easy because Reverend Lind was used to be the leader of a large congregation and was used to performing many tasks at once. Nevertheless, she readily acknowledged that she now has memory issues and she is learning how to deal with them in the best way possible.

With great love, she credited Ms. Ingalls with becoming the "logistics expert" and assuming more responsibility in terms of planning schedules and making sure they are followed.

On this day Reverend Lind did a masterful job reading from carefully prepared notes and seemed relaxed and comfortable as she answered questions during the Q&A.

We could sense that the audience was in total support of Reverend Lind and very much respected her courage. In fact they applauded her several times and gave her a standing ovation at the conclusion of her speech.

We were glad to here that her passion for helping others seems not to have faltered at all. In fact, one of her goals is to guide the Cleveland area into becoming a dementia friendly community which is "a community that is informed, safe, and respectful of individuals with the disease, their families and caregivers and provides supportive options that foster quality of life."

Before lunch was served, we conversed with Mr. Jay Szabo who is an very good friend of Reverend Lind who very aptly described her as who "lives life out loud" and "shares life experiences beautifully and eloquently."

Justin Faulhaber