Christian Chinese woman granted Asylum

Beginning a life in the United States

Our client came from China and entered the United States on a ship arranged by Chinese smugglers. She entered illegally in Miami, without any inspection, in 2002. The Chinese government targeted her and her family for being ‘anti-communists’ and for being Christians. Unfortunately, she did not apply for asylum within one year of her entry. She just saw too many denials from friends with similar cases. Even though she was afraid to return to China, she did not want to take a chance as she felt it wasn’t the strongest case. She remained in the United States and worked hard to make ends meet, waiting tables and doing different jobs. She eventually got married to someone who also did not have status and she had a daughter.

A harrowing story in China

Soon after, our client’s father was diagnosed with a tumor and, as he was aging, he wanted to see his granddaughter. Accompanied by our client’s sister-in-law, who was already a lawful permanent resident of the United States, our client’s baby daughter went to China to visit her grandparents. At one point, she had to take a typical vaccine at a clinic. However, the baby had a high fever and had to be taken to the hospital. There, doctors determined that she needed a blood test, but the hospital would not do it until the family gave them a monetary bribe. The hospital only performed the blood test after being paid; to the shock of the family, her daughter had with leukemia.

After that, the hospital refused to do anything more, leaving the child and her grandparents in the hospital hallway, even verbally mocking them due their anti-communist ties. After this traumatic experience, our client’s hatred for the government had only grown and she joined the Chinese Democratic Party and began participating in rallies. Our client arranged for her sister-in-law to again pick up her baby daughter in China at a much earlier time to hopefully salvage her medical condition.

The family quickly took the daughter to one of the better hospitals in the United States for a couple of months. However, due to the delay and lack of proper medication at the early stages of the leukemia diagnosis in China, the baby died. It was very painful for our client. She took it upon herself to be more active with the Chinese Democratic Party, writing several articles recently. Upon publication of her articles, she received threats from the Chinese government and she knew that they were looking for her.

Margaret W Wong & Associates gains her Asylum 

Going back to China terrified and angered her and she was looking for a way to remain in the United States. She consulted with Margaret W. Wong & Associates immigration attorneys and we took up the case. We helped her file for asylum. Even though the asylum was filed seven years after her entry, we argued that there were exceptional circumstances in her case: the death of daughter, her participation in the CDP, the articles she had written, and threats against her, which had all occurred in the past few months. Next, we accompanied the client at her asylum interview and presented more evidence and arguments. With her extraordinary story and hard work from our attorneys and staff, our client gained political asylum. She can now live in the United States in peace, where she can enjoy the rights that are denied to so many in her native land.

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