South Korean couple makes leap to permanent residence

They go from student visas to work permits to Green Cards

Mr. and Mrs. Y traveled from South Korea to the United States in pursuit of enhancing their education and their journey began. They both earned a Bachelor’s Degree from a university in Georgia, and upon graduation, they became aware their student visas were about to expire. Fortunately, the couple used their qualifications to apply for jobs in the U.S. and were soon hired after the application process. To be able to go through with these job opportunities, their current visa statuses would need to be adjusted.

Changing from a student visa – what is needed 

Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC assisted Mr. and Mrs. Y through the process of changing their visa status. To switch them from student visas to work permits, attorney Beryl Farris and paralegal Brian Marek—both with extensive knowledge and experience working on these types of cases—prepared and filed an I-765 (Application for Employment), along with an I-539 (Application to Extend/Change Non-Immigrant Status) and both forms were approved. Now, not only could Mr. and Mrs. Y stay in the U.S., but they would have the opportunity to explore careers.

Shortly after receiving the approval notices, the firm advised the couple that as a next step they should register as early as possible for their I-485s (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) or green cards. This would help them avoid future visa issues and give them more freedom with selecting jobs in the future. Mr. and Mrs. Y registered as they were advised, and the firm wasted no time in filing an I-485 for each of them. The applications were ultimately approved, and Mr. and Mrs. Y now have green cards and are permanent residents of the United States.

At Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC we realize the necessities in reaching our clients’ goals beyond what is merely sufficient.

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