Sole Provider granted permanent legal status in US

Head of Household needs MWW & Associates

Mr. B requested our services in 2010, after many years of unsuccessful immigration proceedings with other attorneys. He did not want to return to China because of his family which included his wife and three young children, parents and siblings who are all U.S. citizens. With several scares of potentially being deported to his home country of China, Mr. B was desperate to receive formal documentation allowing him to live in the U.S.

Mr. B’s parents were extremely sick and depended on he and his wife to care for them financially and physically. Having to support six people, Mr. B worked constantly as a chef to provide for his family. Knowing that Mr. B was the primary income provider for his family, we made it a top priority to get his employment authorization documentation approved.

After years, application was approved

After Mr. B initially received authorization in 2012 to work in the U.S., our firm, led by attorney Marisela Marquez, renewed his employment documentation year after year, allowing Mr. B to work without fear of being let go. Along with this, our firm put hours of research and preparation into Mr. B’s application for status within the U.S. In 2018, Mr. B was informed that his application for status within the U.S. was approved, allowing him and his family to live happy, fearless lives in the U.S.

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