Marriage-based Green Card approved in Los Angeles

Mr. C is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in China. He retained out firm to represent him, his new wife Mrs. W, and his stepson in obtaining Green Cards for the new members of the family.

There were a couple of issues in their case. First, Mr. C had been married twice before to women from China. Both times he had obtained Green Cards for his wives, and later divorced. This could raise a question as to the validity and purpose of this third marriage. Second, Mrs. W and her son had come to the U.S. on visitor visas and then decided to remain here permanently (remember, visitor visas are to be used ONLY if there is no intent, upon entry, to remain permanently).

Attorney Rebecca Tseng in our California office carefully prepared the family for their USCIS interviews. Upon meeting them, she reported that she instantly felt that this was a genuine and caring marriage, and that Mrs. W had originally entered the U.S. for a temporary visit – not with marriage plans. But love took over and Mr. C and Mrs. W soon realized that they did not want to be separated again.

The next task was to show this to USCIS. Attorney Tseng prepared the clients with lists of the potential questions the couple might be asked, and gave them an overview of what to expect at the interview. As it turns out, everything went very well. The officer noted that Mr. C and Mrs. W seemed anxious, and when Attorney Tseng pointed out that they were going to the airport immediately after the interview to pick up Mrs. W’s parents and sister for a visit the officer laughed, offered his empathy to Mr. C (who was about to meet his in-laws for the first time) and quickly concluded the interview with an approval!

The happy couple will be spending their holidays here in California along with a house full of visiting relatives. Mrs. W and her son’s Green Cards are truly a great holiday gift!

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