Japanese client gets I-140 and Green Card approval

Company sponsors Japanese client 

Our client came from Japan for the first time on an H-1B visa. Our law firm filed his I-129 (H-1B) Petition on April 25, 2002. His H-1B Approval came in the mail shortly after that (May 17, 2002). After three years his employer decided to extend his H-1B Visa and continue employing him. This time the company requested to file his I-129 Petition using Premium Processing, and so we did. The amazing result is that we have received approval in 9 days. The employer also agreed to sponsor him for a permanent work visa, so we filed PERM for him on January 14, 2005. Since he was holding bachelor’s degree and had huge experience in his field, our client was eligible for I-140 Petition for EB2 preference (Profession with Advanced degree, or of exceptional ability) which we have filed right after his PERM was certified. Furthermore, our office has filed I-485 (Green Card) Application April 25, 2008. By August 3, 2008 we received his I-140 approval and two months later we received the Green Card approval for him. He is still successfully working for the company that sponsored him for the H-1B. 

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