El Salvadoran couple entered U.S. illegally receive their Green Cards

Illegal entrance needs Temporary Protected Status

Our clients (husband and wife) entered the United States illegally. During this time they made exceptional economic contributions in the workforce and became the proud parents of three beautiful children. The children are all United States citizens. Our clients requested our assistance.  We filed an I-821, Temporary Protected Status, a specific status granted to eligible nationals of certain countries. Shortly afterwards, our clients filed an I-765, an Application for Employment Authorization, their applications were approved. Our clients were still seeking the security necessary to remain together as a family.

What MWW needed to do

Our clients filed an I-881, relief through the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA). Relief through NACARA is quite specific, our clients met each requirement. We collected statements from friends, community leaders, and various officials. All of whom stated that the moral character of our clients was not only good, but outstanding! Through special rule cancellation of removal, our client was granted NACARA and became a lawful permanent resident of the United States. His wife was granted NACARA by way of derivative status. They both have lawful permanent resident of the United States.

It was Our Pleasure

It was one of the greatest pleasures to serve our two El Salvadoran clients. The success of their case does not simply reflect our firm’s knowledge and devotion, but it highlights the outstanding character of our clients and the direct result of two people who strived to contribute towards something they truly believed in. Currently, our clients and family, happily live in the United States and continue to display the strength of character that was so influential on their journey to becoming an important part of our great country.

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