Green Card, work, and travel documents in four months!

Divorced and worried about citizenship status

Originating from Hong Kong with citizenship in Canada, our client came to our firm in September of 2016 looking to obtain her Green Card, work and travel documents. She expressed concern about her divorce with her husband, who is a United States citizen, and its effect on her status. She was in the United States for a few years and went back to Canada in 1999. When she tried to return in 1999, she was refused entrance because she had previously overstayed on her visa. Eventually, she managed to immigrate back to the United States.

MWW eased her worries

We reassured our client that, because her daughter was twenty-one and she could petition on her mother’s behalf. The I-130 form (petition for alien relative) was filed as well as the I-485 (application for permanent residency). Her daughter’s sponsorship made her eligible for legal permanent residency. We also filed an I-765 form for work authorization documents and an I-131 for travel documents. In just four months her Green Card, work and travel documents were approved, granting our client work authorization, legal permanent residency, and permission to travel!

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