Green Card approved by USCIS for Kenyan after IJ court proceedings terminated

A native of Kenya was in Immigration proceedings and needed help in her.  She had Immigration proceedings in the Seattle, WA Immigration Court.  This individual came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for consultation.  After explaining to her in detail a plan for her case, she retained the firm.  The firm recognized that she was married to a United States citizen and that she had lawfully entered the United States.  A petition for an alien relative was filed as well as a green card application with the Court.  The petition filed by her husband was approved and thereafter the firm pushed to terminate her case with the Immigration Court.  The Judge and the Government agreed and her case was terminated from Court.  This was, however, not the end of her immigration matters.  She still had to continue with her green card application with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”).  The firm prepared this individual for her interview.  The Officer found that she had been customarily married in Kenya previously but she claimed that the marriage had ended.  The Officer explained that he needed additional information showing that the marriage ended.  After the interview, the firm discussed the documents that needed to be collected.  This individual collected the documents.  The firm filed the documents with USCIS and shortly thereafter her case was approved.  Now she has a green card.  She was extremely happy to finally be done with a process she was in for several years.  The law firm of Margaret W. Wong and Associates was happy to assist another client in achieving their dreams.

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