Dominica Republican with pending application for 4 years acquires Green Card

Applied for Green Card but was denied for abandonment

A citizen of the Dominican Republic, entered the US in 2002 at age 18. He acquired a V-3 non-immigrant visa. During the validity of the visa, travel and employment are authorized. He was issued a V-3 immigration status for being a derivative minor dependent child of V-1 based on an approved I-130 petition under F2A category with priority date in October 1998. In 2004 when the quota for the I-130 petition opened, he filed on his own an I-485 application for Green Card. The application was pending for 4 years but was eventually denied in 2008 for abandonment. He abandoned his case because he “aged-out” and reached the age 21 and he married a US citizen in February 2007. As a general rule, he was no longer eligible to adjust status under the benefits of V visa classification. Another reason to abandon the application, the multiple criminal charges and convictions that happened between 2005 and 2008. One of the charges was a serious felony indictment.

Needed the help of Margaret W Wong & Associates

He hired our office to get his Green Card. Our client being “aged-out”, criminal convictions and bona-fide marriage relationship were all issues that we confronted with. In July 2008, we filed his I-485, the 2nd application for adjustment of status. Our office submitted the necessary documentation to deal with the foregoing issues at the time of preparation, filing and interview. His case was approved in May 2009. He received his permanent Green Card valid for 10 years. Today they are a very happy couple, and blessed with 2 children – twins.

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