Chinese student turned entrepreneur seeks Green Card

Chinese immigrate seeks Green Card via EB-5 visa

Using a F-1 student visa, a Chinese immigrant came to the United States and sought Margaret Wong & Associates’s help in January of 2014. After conferencing with our client’s parents, we decided to file an I-526 (petition for alien entrepreneur) to get an EB-5 visa for investors. The I-526 indicates that our client is an entrepreneur who wishes to immigrate to the United States. His I-526 was granted, so we filed an I-485 (application for legal permanent residency), so our client could remain in the United States while making his investments as an entrepreneur.

Student visa expiring

Our client expressed desire to stay in China for the summer, but because his F-1 visa was set to expire in a month and he needed other travel documents. We filed an I-131 (application for advance parole and travel documentation) and an I-765 (work authorization documents). The travel documents and work permit were approved, so he could travel while his I-485 case was pending. Just as our client required documentation renewal, his I-485 was approved, and our client received his Green Card. We all wish him and his business the best of luck as he pursues his entrepreneurial dreams in the United States

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