Canadian citizen receives I-140/ I-485 application just in time

Canadian lawyer is hired in U.S.

Canada citizen was hired by a Law firm in the U.S. He retained us to file an H-1B petition for him in March 2007. It was approved in April 2007 and was valid for 3 years. In January 2008 we filed his I-140 (Application to become a permanent resident). This application is filed by the employer to enable the employee to work on a permanent basis in U.S.. We then filed I-485 (Application for Green Card). In February we received the Fingerprint Notice and our client was scheduled for an interview in March 2008. His I-140 and I-485 were approved in June 2008.

While waiting for approval he has to leave the U.S.

Our client had plans to travel to Canada in July for his sister’s wedding.¬† Since he now was a permanent resident, he could not travel without his Green Card, which according to USCIS had been mailed to him. We waited for some time and advised our client to make an appointment with the local USCIS office so that he could request an I-551 stamp (travel permission when actual Green Card is not received). We also advised him on the documentation he should bring so that the entire process would be hassle free, he managed to get an appointment quickly. At the time of the appointment he was notified that he could not be issued the I-551 stamp on his passport because the Green Card had been mailed. As luck would smile on him, he did manage to get his stamp by explaining the urgency of his situation. Our excellent paralegals handled the H-1B, I-140, and the I-485.

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