Persecuted Cameroonian gains Asylum

Terror in Cameroon

Ms. E was born in Cameroon. Her family were simple farmers, but they encouraged her to get an education, even after her father died. At first, she could not get a job because she did not have a contact to bribe who would allow her to gain a position. She continued her studies and began working with Southern Cameroon’s National Council, an organization that fights against marginalization of English-speaking Cameroonians. Ms. E coordinated female members by mobilizing citizens and distributing information through newspapers, radio, and mobile phones.

For their activism, Ms. E and about 30 other people were attacked by the military. During the chaos, some of her compatriots were killed or injured. The Cameroonian government detained her for eight days with dozens of others in a small cell with poor ventilation in tropical heat and no bathroom facilities. After her family paid a large bribe, she was released. Authorities continued to look for her and threaten her family. Ms. E fled to neighboring Nigeria where she met a family friend. After 3 months in Nigeria, this friend took her to Mexico. He raped her and told her that she would become a prostitute to rich men there. At the next opportunity, Ms. E ran away and eventually made it to the United States, where she sought asylum.

Asylum in America

Ms. E came to Margaret Wong & Associates to help her in her situation. We were able to promptly get her a work permit. With her past persecution by the government of her home country of Cameroon, she was able to gain asylum here in the U.S.  and will soon be able to apply for a Green Card. When she does, our firm will be there to help her through the process. Because of Margaret Wong & Associates, Ms. E can live safely in the United States.

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