From Asylum-Seeker to Green-Card holder

Mr. Z first arrived in the U.S. from China seeking asylum for his religious beliefs. China’s government actively persecutes many religions, which it sees as a threat to the state. He came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. While we worked on the persecution he would face for his spiritual beliefs if he returned China, which was a very long and complicated process, he met and married a U.S. citizen woman. They now have two young children together.

Since his situation had changed, we changed our tactics. Now that he had married a U.S. Citizen, he was eligible to adjust his status. Our team helped his wife file and I-130 Petition for Alien Relative on his behalf. We helped them prove that theirs was a real bona fide marriage. We also made sure that he and his wife would be ready for their interview. The immigration officer reviewed the transcript of the court appearance and granted his wife’s I-130 petition. Now, we are helping Mr. Z pursue steps to obtain his green card and become a permanent resident of the U.S. Our attorney, Beryl Farris, handled this case.

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