Asylum from Colombia

Mrs. P and her husband are from Colombia and are not US citizens. A man raped their daughter and threatened to report them to ICE if they pressed charges. Mrs. P and her husband also feared returning to Colombia. They worried that their U.S.-born children would not be able to adapt to life in Colombia and would be subjected to violence by the Colombian drug cartels. Because Mrs. P and her family had been residing in the United States for a number of years, many Colombians might assume that they have a lot of money. This would make them targets for crime.

Our team wasted no time in filing Mrs. P’s asylum as well as work authorization applications. Mrs. P’s employment authorization application was quickly approved, making her one step closer to her dream of living a happy life in the United States with her family. Our team and Mrs. P are patiently waiting to hear the results of the asylum application. She is currently working and participating in society, just like every other hard working woman in the United States.

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