Asylum from China.

Persecution in China

Our client came to America from China with his wife. Here in the U.S., they had two children. Also while in the U.S., our client and his wife converted to Christianity, the Jehovah’s Witness denomination. They were strong believers and enjoyed it, going to church weekly as well as Bible studies. Our client and his wife very much liked the Christian message that “God sent Jesus to save us vulnerable groups.” For Americans, this sounds like a normal story. However, China’s government persecutes Christians. There are also laws against having more than one child. What’s more, local politics can be very corrupt. Those who are relatives of the local rulers are free to attack their neighbors, take their property, and harass women without fear of reprisal. Our client feared persecution for his religion, punishment for having more than one child, and government abuse.

Asylum with our firm

He came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. We documented and researched all of the abuses he feared in China and submitted his application for asylum to USCIS. Next, we prepared him for the interview, helping him understand what types of questions to expect. We advised him to remain calm and answer to the best of his ability. Our firm always works very carefully with an interpreter so that our client can understand best in their own language. We also arrange for an interpreter to be present at the hearing. Our preparation of the documents, background information, and supporting evidence were thorough. He was ready for the interview. Even though the interview lasted two hours, our client was comfortable and conversational. Within two months, he received notification that he had gained Asylum in the U.S. He could now look forward to being a naturalized U.S. citizen. When he applies for citizenship, we will be there to make sure it goes smoothly.

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