Pakistani man gains permanent status in U.S.

Mr. K requested our services after the Board of Immigration Appeals denied his request to evaluate his case due to a lack of evidence presented. Mr. K was afraid to return to his native Pakistan because he was a practicing Christian. He also was unemployed because he couldn’t get his applications approved.

Mr. K. came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. We made it our goal to fix Mr. K’s asylum clock. This was the obstacle causing his applications to continuously be denied. Attorney Scott Bratton’s first step was to file a petition to have his case reviewed again by requesting an oral argument hearing. Next, we submitted several applications that could permit him to live a relatively normal life in the U.S.

His first success came when his employment authorization application was approved, allowing him to work legally in the U.S. With this success came several more, including the approval of his application to register permanent status within the US. Due to our services, Mr. K is now able to work, live, and achieve great things in this country with his Green Card.

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