Asylum for Ethiopian family

Persecution in Ethiopia

Our clients lived in Ethiopia until 2006, where the husband worked as an accountant and auditor. His trouble started when he took part in students’ protests against government abuses; he continued his opposition as a professional. However, being a member of the opposing party made him a target and he was the victim of human rights violations. At first, the police and government harassed him; then, they arrested and jailed him arbitrarily. Even after he escaped, they arrested his father and he had no choice but to turn himself in. Later, powerful family friends related to the governing party ensured his release. Our client and his wife tried to find a way out of the country. He was able to go back to work, where he had been constantly harassed for his political opinions, and waited for things to calm down. He applied for international scholarships twice and finally was able to come to USA with a J-1 visa with his wife, where he studied and worked.

Coming to America

While here in the United States, they had a son, a U.S. citizen. Five months later, his wife and son traveled to Ethiopia, since her father was very ill and she wanted the family to meet her son. They expected things to be calm and hoped that traveling there would not be a problem. However, upon arriving to Ethiopia, mother and son were arrested and she was harassed constantly, and later detained. She was released thanks to the same friends that had helped the husband years before; and they helped her leave the country, in a very risky way though. She was forced to leave her son behind because she could not afford to put him in such danger. She knew the baby would be fine with her family for a while as he was an American citizen, and a very close friend would be traveling safely to USA in a few months. Back in the USA, they prepared all documentation and were able to bring the baby back.

Asylum Granted

This family came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. With all that they had been through, and the evidence and research that our staff put together, we filed an Asylum petition for both husband and wife. We prepared them for the interview, which was scheduled in only three months, due to the undeniable evidence submitted. Their Asylum was approved without trouble and we were all very happy for them. They will be able to file for a Green Card a year after their asylum, and we will be there to help them again.

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