Eritrean man released and granted Asylum

Fleeing Home

In Eritrea, Mr. G had been wrongfully imprisoned twice where he experienced excessive torture and was beaten for refusal to join the Eritrean army. The highly centralized authoritarian regime of Eritrea opposes refusal of any kind, imposing strict punishments under claims of political dissidence. In light of these human rights violations, Mr. G fled as soon as he was able. He journeyed across several borders in search of freedom. After travelling long and far, he is considered one of the lucky few from Eritrea, East Africa, to successfully escape oppression.

Asylum in the United States

When Mr. G arrived in the U.S., he remained without status as a refugee. This unfortunately led him to detainment in a U.S. immigration detention center. With fears of deportation after coming so far, Mr. G chose Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC to represent him during the removal proceedings. Even though he was detained, the firm kept in close contact with Mr. G throughout, working aggressively for his release. Attorney Richard Drucker was assigned to his case and spent considerable effort in filing both an I-589 and I-765 form. The I-589 application would grant him asylum and the I-765 would allow him to attain employment. Through careful work, both forms came back approved, and now Mr. G can leave behind his oppressive past. Margaret W. Wong & Associates had helped Mr. G build both a voice and a future here in the USA.

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