DACA recipient can now enjoy her growing family

Young mother seeks our assistance

In August 2017, a young, Mexican, single mother came to our Columbus office to seek Ms. Wong’s help. She had been in the US from a young age but had no legal status. She had crossed the border with her parents and now, as a legal adult, wanted to do something to ensure her presence in the only country she considered home. As her 5 year old son is a US citizen and she wanted the security of knowing that she could stay by his side. Ms. Wong advised her that eventually her son would be able to sponsor her for permanent residence, but not until he turned 21. Initially disappointed, Ms. Wong pointed out to her that she qualified for the new Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) policy. She would, however, have to enroll in a GED program.

Granting of deferred action

The young woman was already taking classes in cosmetology school and she was convinced that she could pass the GED exam. After helping her locate a good GED program that fitted in with her schedule, our client signed up for the exam. Elated, she contacted our office in late September to tell us she had passed. Over the course of October we put together the filing – compiling evidence of her continuous presence in the US, her presence on June 15, 2017, and her successful completion of the GED. We filed in late October and received the approval in mid-January 2018. The granting of deferred action ensured that our client would remain with her son here in the US and that she could work legally to support him. During the process our client discovered that she was expecting another child, adding to her delight at the decision to seek out Ms. Wong’s help in the first place.

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