Chinese mother granted Asylum

We get our client released on bond

A Chinese woman hired immigration lawyers at Margaret W Wong & Associates to handle her immigration matters. She came to the United States in December 2008 on a valid B-2 tourist visa and overstayed. She promptly filed an application for asylum based on past persecution by the Family Planning Commission, who forced her to undergo an abortion and sterilization. However, on the day of her asylum interview, ICE arrested and detained her. The very next day after she hired us, we filed a Motion for Bond to get our client out of jail. The week after, one of our attorney’s attended her bond hearing. That same day,  our client walked free on a $5,000 bond.

Our client gains Asylum

Next, we filed a Motion to Terminate Removal Proceedings. At the next hearing, we filed a new I-589 Application for Asylum on behalf of our client. Another hearing took place a few months later, at which we submitted supplemental documents for the asylum application. The day before the main Individual Hearing, we submitted a corrected I-589 and more evidence for our client’s application. The next day at the Individual Hearing, there was no translator available in our client’s dialect. We pushed for a continuance and a new hearing date. At the second Individual Hearing, attended by Attorney William Low, our client gained Political Asylum.

Following up

Immediately after, we filed for her work permit so she could receive a SSN, driver’s license, and be eligible to work legally. One of our caseworkers attended her Asylum Grant Processing, where she received a new I-94, which proves her status as an Asylee. Our client can now file a petition to bring her daughter from China to the United States. This case was successful thanks to the dedication of many attorneys and caseworkers including William Low and Scott Bratton.

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