Alcoholic from Ghana overcomes troubled past and is granted a Green Card

It is so often the case in life that mistakes made in our pasts can reappear to haunt us once again, and jeopardize everything we have worked so hard to accomplish. For an immigrant, the reality of such a concept coming to fruition is a fear that others can seldom fathom, and one of our Ghanaian clients now fully realizes the power our past can command over our future.

The past

Our client was arrested for DUI, and was able to be released on a substantial bond from ICE. He was then sentenced to appear before the IJ, in regards to his deportation case. Our client had come to this country from Ghana and subsequently fell in love with his now wife of 5 years. Our client has had several DUI cases in the past and identifies himself as an alcoholic. Despite having all of the charges dropped in his past cases, this latest arrest had spurred the Department of Homeland Security to take action and petition for his deportation. According to numerous testimonies from his wife, his father-in-law, his AA sponsor, and his congregation our client was a man whose alcoholic tendencies overshadowed his moral turpitude and work ethic. He was gainfully employed and frequently attended AA meetings in order to take the necessary steps to combat his disease . With what little time he had left, he would volunteer his services to his father-in-law, helping him with his home repair business, as well as help other recovering alcoholics through the treatment process. His wife loved him very much and was the most devastated by the thought of her husband being forced to leave the country. As the possibility of her husband’s deportation loomed, she began to show signs of extreme depression and anxiety, which ultimately compelled her husband to take action and seek professional help for his ailing wife.

The future

Taking all of this into consideration, we did our very best to demonstrate to the IJ that the man whose past was littered with DUI’s and such on paper, was not the man standing before the court today. There was more to our client than what was simply written down, and that to deport him would affect not only his spouse, but the lives of many other people who consider him to be an upstanding figure in the community, worthy of being allowed to stay here with the woman he loves so dearly. Through our combined efforts, we were able to secure a permanent Green Card for our client and prevented a wife from losing a husband, a father from losing his son-in-law, and a community from losing a respectable member.

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