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Feed the Need

On Tuesday, November 20th, we spent most of the day at Town Hall on West 25th Street helping out with its 6th annual Feed the Need event wherein Thanksgiving dinners are served to an estimated 3,000 people.

We arrived about 7am to help set up and were immediately recognized by Mr. Brian Day, one of the main coordinators for the event who bade us a hearty, "hello, it's great to see you!"

Before long we were hard at work setting up collapsible tables and taping plastic tablecloths to them as well as helping to hang Feed the Need banners.

feed the need.jpg

With the support of Ms. Margaret W. Wong, we have been taking part in Feed the Need for at least three years now. The cold weather outside made the warm temperature and warm hearts of the volunteers inside all the more lovely.

Besides Mr. Day, it was also great to encounter people we have been working with at Feed the Need for several years now like Mr. Bobby George (who owns Town Hall), Mr. Ryan Hartzell, Mr. Dan Inks, and Sister Corita Ambro who cheerfully greeted everyone seeking nourishment as they entered. There were also several celebrities in attendance, including Baker Mayfield! (See for more!)

Throughout the day, quite a few local sports figures as well as news anchors (i.e. Mr. Wayne Dawson and Ms. Kristi Capel of Fox 8 News) stopped by to help serve turkey, dressing, mixed vegetables, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Last year, we spent the day slicing up a multitude of pumpkin pies for consumption but this time we used a small ice cream scoop to fill tiny plastic cups with cranberry sauce. Things got sticky at times but it was all worthwhile.

Justin Faulhaber