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Noontime luncheon of The First Friday Club of Cleveland; 2017 Faculty Exhibition in the Reinberger Gallery


Let us start off by stating that the mission statement of "St. Peter The Rock Media, AM 1260 the Rock", aka Cleveland Catholic Radio which broadcasts every day and night of the year, is "to provide quality Catholic programming that is faithful to the teachings of the Church and is presented in a way that inspires conversion of heart and a deepening of faith while building the local Body of Christ."

On Thursday, August 31st, Mr. Jerry Monroe, one of the founders of "The Rock" who is currently the President of its Board of Directors, spoke at the noontime luncheon of "The First Friday Club of Cleveland" about how people of all walks of life (he is an attorney while other occupations of those involved ranged from businessperson to broadcaster to scientist) came together in 2013 and worked all of the way through out 2014 and the first part of 2015 to launch "The Rock" which finally was able to do its first broadcast from its station in Broadview Heights in early May of 2015. Since then "The Rock", an affiliate of "EWTN" the global Catholic broadcasting network, has grown and expanded remarkably well in a very short time to now be able to claim an audience of two million.

As for what motivated Mr. Monroe and the others to voluntarily devote so much of their time and talent to this project, Mr. Monroe poignantly affirmed that their inspiration was their love of God and their desire to make God's teaching available to as many people as possible so that they might be comforted and lead truly fulfilling lives both spiritually and in day-to-day work and activities. By all counts, the apostolate has succeeded; in fact a quote in a brochure about "The Rock" reads, "I am very thankful for this station. Easter 2016 I was baptized in the Catholic Church and I credit a big part of my decision to listening to 1260 The Rock."

In addition to Mr. Monroe who we had first met before at a luncheon a couple of months ago, there were several other people associated with "The Rock" there with us at the "First Friday Club.." who were Ms. Bernadette Boguski, its Executive Director who always makes it a point to greets us with a smile whenever we meet along with her husband, Rich, who is very supportive of her work at the station and, even though he is retired, Rich makes himself available to sometimes do an errand or perhaps to occasionally escort guests on a golf outing. Others present included Mr. Leo Burhardt, its production manager, and Ms. Ruth Grega, who is both an avid volunteer at "The Rock" as well as an avid fan. We soon learned that Ms. Grega is one of about five dozen volunteers who put in a lot of time performing all kinds of duties at the station. To be sure, "The Rock" is maintained almost entirely by volunteers and approximately 80% of the funds needed to support it come from its listeners.

We talked to Mr. Monroe and Ms. Boguski afterwards and mentioned that we thought "The Rock" would be an excellent place for international people of the Catholic faith in Cleveland to come and take part in meaningful work and make friends. Both of them took our suggestion to heart and told us that if we at "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" knew of anybody who might be interested in partaking in such a venture, "just send them over!!!"

Thursday evening we represented "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" at the opening reception for the 2017 Faculty Exhibition in the Reinberger Gallery at the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) which consisted of an hour of networking before we were addressed by Professor Grafton Nunes, its President and CEO; Ms. Nikki Woods, Acting Director of the Reinberger Gallery; and four faculty members who participated in the exhibition.

No less impressive was the exhibition taking place next door in the Bonfoey Gallery which was a tribute to Mr. Dan Tranberg, a faculty member who passed away in late May, 2017. He was often described as a master in acrylic painting procedures who authored the book "Acrylic Fusion: Experimenting With Alternative Methods for Painting, Collage and Mixed Media."  


During the networking hour we chatted with Professor Kathy Buszkiewicz who had two beautiful pieces of jewelry on display and Professor Mark Bassett who is the historian of the CIA and is currently co-authoring a book about its history which goes back to 1882.

We really enjoyed visiting with Mr. Julian Kahan who was there with his wife, Ms. Etole Kahan who graduated from the CIA back in 1956 and went on to enjoy a fine career at "American Greetings." Mr. Kahan, himself, was a man of good humor; when talking about his origins he told us that he had immigrated to the United from "Count Dracula country" aka "Romania" back in 1952.

During the program, Ms. Woods told us that this was her fifth year organizing this exhibition and that she enjoyed it a lot. Then Professors William Brouillard, Suzanne McGinness, and, working together on a project, Tony Ingrisano and Jimmy Kuehnle all talked about their impressively original outputs.

Professors Ingrisano and Kuehnle explained to us that they wanted to work together to show their students that good things can come of collaborations by artists who have distinctly different styles. Their project took them to Onishi, Japan where they made a short film with the help of the local populace. They explained that sometimes it is necessary to spend with community members engaging in popular activities in order to obtain the right amount of cooperation. For instance, they spent quite a few afternoons playing badminton because they sought the help of the badminton instructor in order to secure the talents of young children (her pupils) for an important scene in their film.

We really liked the introduction of the program which was given by Professor Nunes who was kind enough to give us a copy of his notes so we could quote parts of it verbatim. He thus said:

"Tonight, we continue a tradition that spans over eight decades. The Faculty Exhibition showcases the new, original and innovative work of our world-renowned art and design facility. The exhibition also serves as a way of pulling our community together and grounding it in work that exemplifies the quality of our faculty-the teacher/mentors who make a CIA education what it is. Their ability to grow artistically and professionally in both their studios and the market place while they teach and mold the next generation of artists and designers is both extraordinary and commendable."


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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