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Tabling at The 19th Annual Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival; 2017 AIPNO Medical YATRA Indian 'Crepes'-DOSA Brunch


On the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, September 16th and 17th, we spent most of our time tabling on behalf of "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" at the 19th Annual Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival in Lincoln Park where we were assigned a booth in the community section.

Thus we were situated in the vicinity of several fair trade booths like "Revy Fair Trade" that sold "upcycle" products from El Salvador like handbags crafted from automobile tires. It was tended over the weekend by the father-son team of Mr. Ron and Mr. Zack Uber.  Others included "Women of the Cloud Forest" that has been working directly with artists and craftspeople in Costa Rica and Nicaragua since 2001; and "SutiSana" which employs survivors of human trafficking and prostitution in Bolivia.

It was from "SutiSana" that our good friend and Ohio State Board of Education member Ms. Meryl Johnson purchased a beautiful purple and light brown handbag that coordinated perfectly with what she was wearing. Ms. Johnson told us that on her radio show on WRUW 91.1 FM earlier in the day on Saturday she had interviewed both Ms. Margaret W. Wong and Mr. Jose Mendez (a dreamer) on the subject of DACA and it had gone quite well.

Among the other people who stopped by our booth over the two day period were:

****Ms. Janna Hanke who completed law school in Germany and had just arrived in Cleveland where she will spend a year working with the Interreligious Task Force on Central America (IRTF).

****Mr. Myron Dobriansky, an artist who immigrated to the U.S. years ago from Europe. He has known Ms. Margaret W. Wong for years so we gave him a copy of Ms. Wong's book, "The Immigrant's Way".

****Ms. Maria Bozak, a guidance counselor at "Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy" invited "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" to take part in a career day scheduled for the middle of November. We certainly we try to participate..

****Mr. Eduardo Ramirez, Program Manager of the "Hispanic Alliance Leadership Development Initiative" who organized the Mexican Independence Day celebration and the kickoff of "Hispanic Heritage Month" at "Urban Community School" which we attended on Friday evening. As it turned out, Mr. Ramirez did not own a copy of "The Immigrant's Way" so we gave him one.

****A retired engineer from an industrial control firm in Willoughby who remembered that Ms. Wong once helped a colleague of his from China remain in the United States.


****Father John Zdinak from "St. Theodosius Orthodox Christian Cathedral" which also had a booth at the festival wanted us to be sure to say "hello" to his good friend, Ms. Margaret W. Wong.

****A mother of a former "Magnificat High School" student who talked to us about how her daughter took part in an "Immersion Retreat" with her classmates which involved them traveling to the U.S./Mexican border where they studied the immigration issue by visiting a detention center and then interviewing both documented and undocumented people who immigrated to the United States. The mother told us that this retreat inspired her daughter to study social work which she is now doing in college.

And, to be sure, quite a few concerned individuals just walked over to express their disgust for the current immigration policies of the Trump Administration as well as their support for the DACA beneficiaries and to tell us that they really appreciate the work that "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" does on the behalf of immigrants.


Since we spent so long at the festival, we only had time to take in one other event and that was the "2017 AIPNO Medical YATRA Indian 'Crepes'-DOSA Brunch" hosted by the AIPNO team headed by Mr. Ramesh Shah which took place at the Nupur Nritya Center at the "S-V Temple" on Ridge Road in Parma.

Mr. Shah was very glad to see us and expressed appreciation that "Margaret W. Wong & Association" purchased an ad which appeared on all of the placemats. We really wanted to show support because the proceeds earned at this event would go towards an upcoming AIPNO of medical practitioners who will help amputees in India.

Mr. Mohan Kantamaneni, who is taking part in the MBA program at CWRU and helping AIPNO whenever he can, showed us a brief film about the works of AIPNO and told us that soon 25 doctors, mostly from the Cleveland area, will soon spend 11-12 days in the area of Visakhapatnam, India where they will tend to the needs of those who need their help the most. 


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC


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