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Lucina Slovak Folklore Ensemble of Cleveland


On Monday evening, September 11th, we went to the Garfield Heights Library on Turney Road to attend one of the bimonthly meetings of Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities, Inc. where Mr. Tom Ivanec, Director of the "Lucina Slovak Folklore Ensemble of Cleveland" present a slide show and speak about his troupe's visit to Slovakia in July of this year where they performed at the annual Detva Dance Festival which is one of the largest festivals in Slovakia. 

Previously, "Lucina" had performed at this festival in 1990, 1999 and 2008 and this year it was was one of the ten troupes accepted to perform there along those from such places as Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, France, Romania and the Ukraine. 

Each year dances had to be created around a particular theme. In 2008 it was the "marketplace" and in 2017 it was "Masky a Maskary" or "Mask or Masquerade" so Ms. Nadia Oros, Lucina's instructor/choreographer, created a dance that featured "kids clearing house and getting rid of spirits and ghosts." Ms. Oros even got to perform this year after one of the dancers was taken ill. 


At the conclusion of his presentation, Mr. Ivanec showed an old film of the 1990 "Lucina" performance at Detva which featured himself and famed dancer Mr. George Trebach performing. 

Afterwards, Mr. Ivanec spoke of the need to recruit future dancers for "Lucina" locally because there just not a significant number of people immigrating to the United States from Europe at this time largely due to the increased health of the European economy. Thus several generations of families have been involved in "Lucina" and youngsters are very much encouraged to join.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

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