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Africa's Triple Heritage: African Beliefs and Thoughts; Welcome Reception for the Vista Springs Quail Highlands


On Tuesday afternoon, August 29th, we went to the Solon Community Center to attend a presentation by our friend, Mr. Alassane Fall, CEO and Founder of "Afrique Expert Services, LLC" concerning "Africa's Triple Heritage: African Beliefs and Thoughts" which was organized with the help of Ms. Claudia O'Brien who also helped to coordinate several ICC-WIN programs in Solon.

Mr. Fall contended that Africa's triple heritage consisted of its indigenous religions, Islam and Christianity and while some people might be more committed to one faith than another, he emphasized that indigenous religions are still highly valued and play a big part in African Culture.

At the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Fall passed out information sheets which contained multiple facts about African religions which complemented what he was saying. We thus learned that indigenous faiths tend to propagate peaceful coexistence with other faiths; have contributed a lot towards good community relations and interfaith dialogues; offer great insight about how people can interact with the environment; and enable practitioners to "maintain constant and symbiotic relations with their ancestors who are understood to be intimately concerned and involved in the descendants' everyday affairs."

After the presentation, at Mr. Fall's suggestion, Ms. O'Brien arranged for Hibiscus Tea to be served to us all because its strong but sweet, natural flavor was consistent with the impression he was trying to give of Africa. As we know Mr. Fall is from Senegal and he, himself, is representative of Africa's triple heritage; his name is of Islamic origin and he is from a French-speaking country (Christian) in Africa (indigenous).

Next we went to Concord Township to attend a "Welcome Reception" for the "Vista Springs Quail Highlands" premiere assisted living complex on Auburn Road which recently obtained its license at the beginning of July, 2017 and is already accepting residents.


Accordingly, we were given a tour of the facility by Ms. Patty Smiley, Assistant Executive Director, and we were greatly impressed by how comfortable, clean and accommodating that it was. We thus congratulated Mr. Lou Andriotti, Owner and CEO, and Ms. Lauri Pierce, Managing Director, and wished them our best. We learned that Ms. Pierce plans to become active in the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce. In fact, we learned about the reception through the Chamber's website so we encountered several other people that we knew from Chamber activities.

We also encountered Deacon Dan Clavin from the "St. Gabriel Catholic Church" located nearby who told us about his adventure traveling to Kentucky to see the total eclipse which he deemed absolutely awesome. In addition, we connected with Mr. Patrick J. Ginley, III who used to counsel young people who were considering attending the U.S. Air Force Academy at the Lakewood Office of U.S. Congressperson Dennis J. Kucinich.

Of course we networked and let people know that we worked for "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" and talked with a young woman about her experience obtaining an O-1 Visa for Artists which she immigrated to the U.S. from Japan some years ago. Along these lines, we chatted with Dr. Stephen Baum who remembered meeting Ms. Margaret W. Wong some 10-15 years at a benefit for those afflicted with Alzheimer's.

Lastly, we conversed with Father Stephen Callos from "Sts Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral" in Cleveland Heights which had its annual Greek festival over the previous weekend. We mentioned to him that our good colleague, Mr. George Kousa, had attended the festival and just loved the food. Father Stephen accepted the compliment but modestly smiled as he said, "Well, I didn't do the cooking..."


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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