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Fundraiser for Mayor Frank Jackson


On Wednesday, August 2nd, we attended a fundraiser for Mayor Frank Jackson of Cleveland at "Kan Zaman" restaurant organized by our good friend Mr. Pierre Bejjani, the President of C.A.M.E.O. and publisher of "Profile News" that many members of the local Middle Eastern community attended along with Ms. Jamila Alhaib, coordinator of the "The Other Face" art exhibition featuring the works of Middle Eastern artist, several of whom were with us that night at "Kan Zaman" along with our colleague Mr. George Koussa from "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" and Ms. Malak Jadallah, our old friend who like us was once a member of the staff of former U.S. Congressperson Dennis J. Kucinich.

Mayor Jackson spoke for a few minutes about his tenure as mayor and what is planned for the future. He said that his first term as mayor (2005-2009) was a period in which Cleveland needed to be stabilized because things were not going so well. He compared the situation to a medical facility's treatment of a patient in critical condition. His second term (2009-2013) was a time of foundation building because something sustainable could not be created on a non-solid foundation. Mayor Jackson believed that it was to our credit that we managed to accomplish this despite a very bad recession and the foreclosure crisis. In his third term (2013-2017) the foundation had been created and our recovery was underway. He hoped his fourth term (2017-2021), should he be re-elected this year, would be distinguished by ensuring that the positive elements of the recovery would be shared by all.


Mayor Jackson believes that Cleveland is now a "successful city" and in his fourth term he wanted the status to move to "great city" which could be measured by how well its inhabitants are actually doing. Economically, he admitted that one of the reasons that Cleveland fell on bad times was an overemphasis on its heavy manufacturing industry during the seventies; a viewpoint that we believe is commonly held. Of course, in the future manufacturing would be a crucial element but it would be more I.T. and health care oriented than before. He looked to health care, I.T. and the service industries including the convention center and hotels to be the major forces behind economic development.

Mr. Bejjani introduced the brief program by thanking all of the participants for being there "to show support for our beloved mayor." During his closing remarks, Mr. Bejjani noted the wide range of Middle Eastern countries represented at the fundraiser by its participants which included people people from Syria, Pakistan, Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon. He thanked Mayor Jackson and his administration for being so welcoming to all immigrants.



Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC