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Feast of the Assumption celebration


On Tuesday we headed off to Little Italy to attend the procession that takes place there every August 15th as part of the Holy Rosary Church's Feast of the Assumption celebration. We visited the church's website where we read that August 15th is a Catholic Holy Day which commemorates Jesus' mother, Mary, being taken into heaven.

On this day there is a mass at Holy Rosary Church at 10am followed by a procession in which a statue of the Virgin Mary is carried all through the streets of Little Italy. As well as having great religious purpose, the four-day Feast of the Assumption is also a time for families and neighbors to come together and celebrate their Italian heritage.

Not surprisingly, Mayfield road is packed with vendors offering all sorts of delicious Italian food.  We, ourselves, arrived a little late for the mass (which was overflowing with people) but time enough to grab some homemade eggplant at "Corbo's Bakery" and a coffee at "Presti's Italian Bakery" where we shared a table with Ms. Rose Costanzo, a noted photographer that we see quite often at the various ethnic events in Cleveland.

Soon it was time to find a good spot to watch the procession so we established ourselves very close to its beginning where we said hello to quite a few people that we knew who were marchers. Among those taking part were Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson; Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine; Cuyahoga County Councilperson Yvonne Conwell; Cleveland City Councilpersons Zack Reed, Michael Polensek, Blaine Griffin; Judge Joan Synenberg of Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, former Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District CEO Julius Ciaccia, Jr., and Mr. Brandon Chrostowski, CEO and President of "Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute."

As he passed by, Bishop Emeritus Roger Gries recognized us and gave us a warm "hello."

As for the procession itself, just look at the photographs to see how lovely it is which is why we always try to attend it each year.

Before it started, we struck up a conversation with Mr. Jonathan Moore whose wife, Ms. Tammy Moore is a Pastoral Associate with the Holy Rosary Church. Mr. Moore told us that he and his wife really love this church and have devoted a lot of time to it because they truly believe that God's work is being done there. Mr. Moore went on to say that this 2017 marked the parish's 125th year of existence and its 119th Feast of the Assumption celebration. What's more, he said that it made him feel very good to see that many people who were raised here in the Little Italy but left to live someplace else always came back each year to enjoy the Feast of the Assumption with family and friends and to never lose sight of their roots.


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