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Fundraiser for Councilperson Brian Cummins

On Wednesday, July 19th, our only event was a fundraiser for our good friend, Cleveland City Councilperson Brian Cummins (Ward 14) which took place at "Johnny's Bar" on Fulton Road in Cleveland. Councilperson Cummins is up for re-election this November and he feels very good about his chances because he is getting all kinds support from those in his ward as well as from all over Cleveland.

In fact, he told us that Mr. Pierre Bejjani, the President of C.A.M.E.O., is planning to organize another fundraiser for him which will be probably take place at "Kan Zaman" and there will probably be an additional gathering at the "Emperor's Palace" (not far from "Margaret W. Wong & Associates") organized by Mr. Jason Lin and Mr. Henry Luu.

We, ourselves, admire Councilperson Cummins for his hard work on the MetroHealth Transformation which is expected to help the institution, its employees, and local residents as well as his assistance in the designing of the new Lincoln-West School of Science and Health. Moreover, Councilperson Cummins; a former Peace Corps volunteer who worked in such places as the Dominican Republic, Latvia, and Russia; has always been very supportive of immigrants and refugees and very welcoming to those who have chosen to settle in his ward. We were pleased that the councilman included in his campaign literature a photo of himself speaking against the travel ban at the rally at Cleveland-Hopkins earlier in 2017.

On this day, the fundraiser was attended by Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley and two former councilpersons who were Ms. Helen Smith and Mr. John Zayac so we had a great time listening to Councilperson Cummins and the three of them swap stories from a city councilperson's perspective about interesting things that happened in Cleveland throughout the years.

Naturally, a lot of it was quite funny and it fascinated us to learn that once a bunch of skunks were turned loose where we live in the Euclid Beach area where we live in order that they could help terminate a growing number of rats. We guess it worked because over the eight years that we have lived in the Euclid Beach mobile home park we have seen a lot of skunks (we don't bother them and they don't bother us), possums, and raccoons but no rats so...thankfully... we presume that the plan worked and worked well.



Michael Patterson

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