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Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon at Hellriegel's Inn

On Thursday, June 22nd, we went to a luncheon meeting of the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce which took place at "Hellriegel's Inn" on Mentor Avenue in Painesville. We always like going there because it does have a genuine "country inn" atmosphere that we find welcomingly homey.

The speaker was Mr. David Horning, a "motivational comedian" and he did a good job combining humor with a worthwhile lesson on personal responsibility and the healthiness of viewing problems as opportunities particularly those that surface in the workplace. For instance, we should approach a "problem, obstacle or conflict" with the mindset that "it may not have been your fault but now it is your responsiblity" and viewing the jobs that we do as positions of meaning that have the capacity to benefit ourselves, our colleagues, and our clientele especially when we can all focus on a common goal and take all perspectives into consideration in order to arrive at solutions that are often much more than merely satisfactory. Mr. Horning made excellent use of music, sound effects, audience participation and role playing to get his points across.

Prior to lunch, we talked about the tour that we had taken at the "STERIS Corporation" the previous day with Mr. Allen Weaver from "Erie Bank" who was also there. Sitting with us was Mr. Chris Trombley, Career Development Manager, at "Deepwood Industries" and we all discussed a point that has been brought up several times concerning the many career opportunities available in the manufacturing sector for people of all ages and ethnic groups provided they are willing to undergo the technical training to learn how to operate the complex machinery and exhibit appropriate life/workplace skills like those presented to us by Mr. Horning. 

During the introductions, we liked hearing from Mr. Mark Hawley from "Hawley's Flowers" who is a longtime chamber member. His business has been in existence for 106 years now-first in agriculture and then moving to flowers. Mr. Hawley said that a gift of flowers is a wonderful way for people to express their emotions.

We also liked hearing from new members particularly Sgt. Noah Siegner from the Ohio National Guard recruiting office in downtown Painesville. Sgt. Siegner noted that people were surprised that a person in his position would want to involve himself in the local chamber of commerce but, as he contended, members of the Ohio National Guard live, work, and have grown-up in the Lake County area. "This is our community," he thus said proudly.  


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC