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Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Coffee Contacts; First Friday Club of Cleveland May Luncheon

Our Thursday, May 4th, our first event for the day was an Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce "Coffee Contacts" held at "Edward Jones" on Little Mountain Road in Mentor.

It was interesting to meet two relative newcomers to the chamber, Mr. Paul Cimino and Mr. Robert Nicholson (from different firms), who shared aerial photography as a specialty.

We were also grateful to Mr. Tom Szabo for noticing on Facebook a person who was upset because she didn't believe that her immigration attorney was representing her properly. Mr. Szabo immediately thought of "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" and forwarded to this person our information.

Next we went to the First Friday Club of Cleveland, which always meets at the City Club, for its May luncheon wherein the speaker was Father Robert J. Jasany of "St. John Nepomucene Church" in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland.

We visited with Father Jasany (who was accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Mildred C. Jasany) who we have known for years now through our associations with Ms. Margaret W. Wong and U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich. At this time we told him that we had heard that the Polish Constitution Day Parade the previous Sunday in Slavic Village had been a great success. Father Jasany, who was away on business on that day, was very glad to hear this. On this day Father Jasany spoke about the Fatima Miracle which took place 100 years ago in Portugal and its message for peace both for the individual and for nations which is just as pertinent now, if not more so in the nuclear age, as it was in 1917. In fact, there will be a "Fatima Centennial Conference" at the Embassy Suites in Independence at the end of July of 2017 and Ms. Kathryn DeCapite, its President, was present to fill us in on the details.

We spent a great deal of our time there chatting with people we had met before at these luncheons including Mr. Bob Pearl and his daughter, Ms. Janet Pearl. Amongst the people with whom we shared a table as we ate were Mr. Bob Glaser, Mr. Gus Skapek, Ms Mary Duhiggs, Mr. Ed Hack and Ms. Ana Grebenc-Chufo who is the Executive Assistant at the "Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia" in Public Square. We also met two fine young men, Mr. Charles Russell and Mr. J.K. Freygel, who were visiting from "John Carroll University" and helped us fix our phone when it wasn't functioning properly so we could take photos of Father Jasany and Ms. DeCapite.



Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

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