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Laketran Propane Station Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Tuesday, May 9th, our first outing took us to Painesville where we attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Laketran Propane Station and 6 new Dial-a-Ride buses that will be powered by propane.

As Mr. Brian Falkowski, President of the Laketran Board of Trustees, said during his welcoming remarks, "we celebrate innovation that will bring long-term economic and environmental benefits to both Laketran and Lake County."

Even though the the new propane-powered Dial-a-Ride buses total only only six within a fleet of 80; they represent a trend which will hopefully continue. If all works out as is planned with these initial buses, more will be added in years to come. 

Indeed, as Mr. Ben Capelle, Laketran's Deputy General Manager, later said during the course of the program, "propane fuel is 35% cheaper than diesel. Right now it costs about $64 a day to fuel each Dial-a-Ride bus. The buses you see here today will reduce that cost to about $40 a day and the smaller bus is 40% more fuel-efficient than our current buses."

Noting that a significant number of people who use Dial-a-Ride and/or Laketran in general are seniors and disabled people who cannot drive but still have jobs, Mr. Ray Jurkowski, Laketran's General Manager, correctly surmised that a such a bus is "more than a vehicle-it is access to opportunities."

One of the first people we spoke to after we arrived at Laketran was Ms. Cathy Bieterman, Economic Development Director for the City of Painesville, who thanked "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" for sponsoring a recent forum that was hosted by the Painesville Police Dept. which supplied information to parents and teachers regarding the Heroin Epidemic. We were pleased to hear that the program was a fine success with 60 to 70 people in attendance.

We also spoke to Ms. Karen McLeod, Executive Director of Extended Housing, who told us that we liked a recent article about Ms. Margaret W. Wong that appeared in "Cleveland Magazine" and Mr. Chad Felton, Staff Writer with "The News Herald", who has a friend that attended our annual holiday party and really liked it. Mr. Felton was a very engaging fellow so we promised to put him on our holiday party list for December, 2017. 


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC