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Campaign Kickoff for Councilperson Michael Polensek


On Friday our last event of the day was the re-election campaign kickoff of Cleveland City Councilperson Michael Polensek (8th Disctrict) that took place at Massimo's on West 25th Street. Councilperson Polensek has been a member of Cleveland City Council since 1977 which makes him the longest serving member of the Council; accordingly, he is often referred to as its "Dean".

Moreover, since we live in the Collinwood area he is our councilperson and we are grateful to have him because he is very accessible and operates with his constituents' best interests in mind as well as being considerate of Cleveland as a whole.

Councilperson Polensek was introduced by Mr. Greg Pollard who noted that this was his third time serving as campaign manager for his "good friend." He stated that Councilperson Polensek and he had gone through high school together and "have been together ever since."

Councilperson Polensek warmly thanked everyone who was present (an excellent number for a Friday night) and assured us that he realized that there was an Indians game taking place that evening and promised to to hold anyone up by speaking for too long. He thanked Councilman Zack Reed for being there and was sincerely touched by the amount of support that he received throughout the years. Along these lines, he contended that one of the keys to his success was that he took the advice of the late U.S. Congressperson Louis Stokes who told him to "never vote against your people or forget where you came from." Once again, he reiterated that it was great so many people came to his campaign event when they could have been having a good time somewhere else.


Actually, we did have a pretty good time that night at Massimo's. In addition to Mr. Pollard who we talked to for a few minutes, we got to meet Ms. Mary Louise Jesek, the Councilperson's Executive Assistant, as well as Ms. Dawn and Mr. Boyd Russell, his sister and brother-in-law, and Ms. Lisa Polensek and Mr. Michael Polensek, Jr., two of his children. We chatted for a few minutes with our good friend, Mr. Danny Kelly who told us that he still remembers the speech that Ms. Margaret W. Wong gave in 2010 at Severance Hall to the Lincoln West High School Students.

We especially enjoyed meeting Mr. Carmen O. Melillo, a local author who wrote a family saga "Love, Blood, and Honor" available on Amazon and Kindle. Mr. Melillo has known Councilperson Polensek for some 40 years now and once ran for Cleveland City Council himself. He, himself, lost his own election but, still, he was very glad that a friend of his who was running in a different district did manage to pull it off. And, of course, that friend was Michael Polensek. 


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC