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Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce Morning Buzz


On Friday, April 21st, we got up very early and drove to the Hilton Garden Inn in Akron for the monthly "Morning Buzz" put on by the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce.

The speaker for the day was Mr. Jay Mellon, CEO of "AtNetPlus" , on the subject of cybersecurity. Of course, over the course of the last several years we have attended other programs put on by various groups in which cybersecurity was a featured topic but we never fail to learn something new. 

On this day for example, we became acquainted the term "internet of things" or "IoT" which is pertinent because in these times ANYTHING that is connected to the internet like cameras and lighting can be hacked because the manufacturers do not make them with security in mind. Thus something as benign as a refrigerator could be manipulated by a devious operative into sending SPAM to millions of people.


In addition to the presentation, we did some netting working and made 15 new contacts. Among them was Ms. Roxy Bautista, Manager of "The Great Escape Room" in which a collection of people is locked and a room and not allowed to come out unlike a puzzle is solved Sherlock Holmes style. Such an activity has great potential as an exercise to development a teamwork ethos for an assembled workforce and/or even for a family wishing to have a good time together.

We also met Mr. Scott Savage who works in sales for "Superior-Speedie Portable Services, Inc." which provides temporary privies/facilities for festivals like Cleveland Pride. Since we attend many such gatherings and marches, we told Mr. Savage that we were quite grateful for the services that his company offers. 

When we introduced ourselves to the people sharing our table, Mr. Kevin Denee of "Eyedeal Graphics" spoke up and said that Ms. Margaret W. Wong helped him when he immigrated to the United States from Canada some 14 years ago. He has been in touch with Ms. Wong since then but still asked that we say hello to her. 


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC