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Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Coffee Contacts


On Thursday, April 20th, our only event was a "Coffee Contacts" put on by the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce which took place at the "Red Creek Bar and Grill" on North Ridge Road in Painesville. 

Mr. Nick Raischel, its owner has worked in the restaurant business for most of his life. He told us that his establishment, which has been open for a year now, is doing quite well. We checked out the menu and found a veggie wrap and several salads that were quite tempting. 

In additional to Mr. Raischel, we introduced ourselves to several people who we hadn't met before. 

One such person was Mr. Neil Conway, another young entrepreneur, who has just started "Painesville Dekhockey" which is comparable to street hockey except it is played by people wearing tennis shoes in an enclosed rink with plastic sticks. 

We also talked to Ms. Karen Brenzier, a professional "doula" a term that we have heard several times lately on our travels to international events. Briefly, it is kind of an assistant to pregnant women. Ms. Brenzier told us that the role of the "doula" actually originated in France and shared with us her literature which read that "a doula is a trained labor and delivery companion who supports Mom, her labor support partner, and her choices with continuous support, physical comfort, and assistance in obtaining information before, during, and just after childbirth."  

Lastly, we talked to Ms. Susie Pike, a golf therapist, who traveled all of the way to Painesville from North Olmsted for "Coffee Contacts". Ms. Pike said that it is her responsibility to assist seniors with cognitive issues engage in an activity that they love (i.e. golf) but could not do without extra help. 

From our perspective, all of the above were very responsible people who believe in their ventures and we hope that they continue to do well.   



Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC