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Cleveland Tax Day March


On Saturday, April 15th, we took part in the Cleveland Tax Day March that was organized, as the press release from "Organize Ohio" read, "in response to the devastatingly harmful budget outlines presented by the Trump administration." In addition to the Cleveland march around 160 other marches took place around the country.

Thus we gathered with around 200 (our own estimate) other people of all ages and ethnicities at the Free Stamp area next to Cleveland City Hall at 11am to listen to some speeches before we marched to the CSU Student Center where several progressive groups were tabling.

What concerned us along with the other people there is that certain entities will be like Immigration Enforcement and Border Patrol Agents and Immigrant Detainee Centers will get hundreds of millions of dollars (i.e. the proposed border wall has been allocated $2.6 billion) while others like the Department of Education, Transportation,  Community Development Block Grants, the EPA, and the National Institute of Health face sizable cuts.

There were two eloquent speakers who addressed the subject of immigration and they were Ms. Zahraa Reyadh, a CSU student studying to be an attorney who immigrated to the U.S. from Jordan (initiallyshe was from Iraq) and recently became a United States citizen; and Mr. Jose Mendez from "DreamActivist Ohio" and the "Immigrant Support Network".

Mr. Mendez let it be known that undocumented people pay their share of taxes and talked about the impracticality of the Border Wall and how it will detract funding from areas that could be of far more productive use to us all. He justifiably expressed outrage as he said that along these lines, "President Trump knows nothing and he had better learn fast."

Ms. Reyadh, herself a Muslim, addressed the current wave of Islamophobia and reminded us that when a society starts compromising with the human rights of its people the situation can soon become "chaotic" and reminded us of the contributions of physicians from the Middle East have made to the United States. She captured the spirit everyone there at the Free Stamp when she said that it is time for President Trump to listen to what we have to say; otherwise, we will give him "hell".


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

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