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10th Anniversary of Elite Women Around The World

On Wednesday, March 8th, which happens to be International Women's Day, we tabled on behalf of "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" at the 10th anniversary program of "Elite Women Around the World" which was held at Executive Caterers.

While we were at there we had conversations with several people including:

***Ms. Andrea Dylan Campbell who wrote a book titled "The Beautiful Journey: Finding Purpose Through Cancer" based on her own experiences. Ms. Campbell told us that the book was about "resiliency" and "going through adversity and thriving afterwards." She urged us to "create the kind of life that we desire" and to "appreciate the moments" that are available to us. She seemed like a very warm, caring person.

*** We finally got to meet Ms. Virginia Marti, founder of the "Virginia Marti College of Art and Design" located on Detroit Avenue in Lakewood that we drive by quite often. We didn't know this until now but Ms. Marti established two orphanages in Kenya and plans to spend a lot of time there in the future. She told us that someone that she knows is using our services to help a friend immigrate from Uganda to the United States.

***We talked to several women who were members of the "Zonta Club of Cleveland" which was initiated here in 1921. We learned from them that "Zonta International" is the oldest service club in the world (founded in 1919) devoted to advancing the status of women and has chapters in 68 countries. In addition, we learned that Ms. Margaret W. Wong used to be a member and was once in a fashion show put on by "Zonta" that took place years ago.

***Oddly, one of the people being honored that evening was Mr. Marvin Montgomery who we had heard speak on the previous day. We both laughed at the coincidence.

***A couple of weeks ago, we attended a City Club luncheon wherein Mr. August A. Napoli, Jr., President and CEO of the "United Way of Greater Cleveland, was the speaker. He would speak again this evening on the subject of gender equity and, during the course of his speech, bring to our attention that women only make $.80 for every $1.00 a man makes; therefore, it is vital that all of the organizations that touch our lives address this issue if they have not done so already.

*** Since we, ourselves, write a blog, we had a fun time conversing with Mr. Jeff Mendes who writes a column titled "Where's Jeff?" for the "Cleveland Jewish News."

***Finally, we talked to Mr. Mirash Batra who was a client of Ms. Margaret W. Wong when he immigrated to the United States from India years ago back in the 1990's. Accordingly, we gave him a copy of Ms. Wong's book, "The Immigrant's Way" and he said that he would definitely give it to his young daughter who was very interested such matters.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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