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Mayor Chase Ritenauer's Annual State of the City Address.

Our second event for Thursday took place at "Deluca's Place in the Park" on Middle Ridge Road in Lorain where we gathered with other members of the Lorain Chamber of Commerce to listen to the Mayor Chase Ritenauer of Lorain give his annual State of the City address.

To be sure, Lorain has seem some tough times lately especially signified by the closing of the U.S. Steel Plant and the looming takeover of its school system by the State of Ohio due to "academic distress" but Mayor Ritenauer was cautiously optimistic about the future as he described Lorain as being in a "recovering" mode in terms of the fallout from the national economic downturn, the plant closure, and the continuing problem of state budget cuts.

He was hopeful about pending economic and infrastructure development plans especially one that will revitalize Broadway Avenue and pledged to do all that he can to make sure that local people will have a large say in the future of the schools. He realized that economic growth will be largely in the hands of small and medium-sized firms and indicated that his policies would reflect this.

He closed his address by saying that Lorain has a history of "getting back up" after it has been knocked down and that its citizenry must work together to make "tomorrow better than today."

We talked to Mayor Ritenauer and to Mr. Joel Arredondo, the President of Lorain City Council, about the possibility of making Lorain a "Welcoming City" for immigrants and both requested that we send them information just as did Mayor Holly Brinda of Elyria whose "State of the City" address we attended on Tuesday.

Along these lines, we said "hello" to both Mr. Victor Leandry and Mr. Max Schaefer who are heavily involved in "El Centro" which provides multiple services for people in the community. And we talked to Lorain County Commissioner Matt Lundy about our concerns about the Trump administration's immigration policies and it was good to hear that Commissioner Lundy had his reservations about them too.

While we were there, it was good to once again see Ms. Linda Styer, Senior Program Officer of the Community Foundation of Lorain County, who so graciously sat down with us to talk about the possibilities for "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" to expand into Lorain County.

During lunch we shared a table with Mr. Faith Sumer, the Director, and Mr. Jayson Bendik, the Community Outreach Coordinator, of the "Horizon Science Academy" in Lorain who we have met before. We told them how much we liked our visits its South Marginal Road location in Cleveland and that we hope to be able to visit them in Lorain in the near future.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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