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Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) Middle Market Forum


On Thursday, February 23rd, we started off the day at a Middle Market Forum put on by the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), at its Huron Road East location, wherein the speaker was Mr. Peter Grimm, Managing Director of "Cipher Systems" as well as a Naval Academy graduate and a former aide to General David Petraeus when he was Commander of the U.S. Forces in Iraq, who talked about "Innovation and Competitive Intelligence."

On this day we learned that "competitive intelligence" is (and the following information was displayed on a slide used in the course of the presentation) "the process of collecting and analyzing information in an ethical and legal manner, to better comprehend your business' competitive environment. Identifying, monitoring, and understanding the forces, actions, and efforts that are affecting your business, your market, and industries-now and in the future-in order to anticipate and face challenges. Ultimate Goal: Reduce uncertainty for enhanced tactical (short-term) and strategic (longer-term) decision-making."

While we were there we got to talk to several other matters regarding matters concerning immigration. For instance, Ms. Diane Helbig, the internationally recognized leadership and development consultant, told us that "at least we have Margaret Wong and her team" fighting for us at this time. 

Another man recalled a time, years ago when he was a youngster, when various relatives from Italy used to visit his family and stay for extended periods at their home and it was no big deal; he wondered if it would be so now.

And, we made a good contact with a businessperson who has clients in Ireland who are exploring the Green Card process.

Finally, we met a nice guy who told us that his son lives in a very diverse, tight-knit community in California and has a substantial number of Muslim friends along with other people who have immigrated to the United States from the Middle East; needless to say, the young man is very incensed about the Trump administration immigration policies that have been introduced thus far.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

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