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Tabling At The Geneva Business Expo

Our second event for Thursday involved tabling at the Geneva Business Expo which was actually in Ashtabula County.

At least 300 people stopped off at the Expo which took place at Geneva High School and consisted of over 40 local businesses. Our table for "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" was situated between those of "NovaCare Rehabilitation" and "Phil's Catering" so we got to enjoy samples of excellent ravioli.

A few tables away from us was that of "The Natural Cafe and Deli" which offered vegan cookies, berry tea, and vegan chili so we didn't have to worry about dinner that night.

We got a special treat when we talked to two people named Sharon and Jim who have known our good friend Ms. Julia Shearson of CAIR for many, many years. We also received a good tip about a very promising festival for us to table at which would be the "Geneva Grape Jamboree" which takes place each September and is attended by thousands of people.

We had an especially good conversation with a man whose father immigrated to the United States from Italy when he was just a child. Nevertheless, during World War II (when he was a young man) he had to report to Youngstown for security reasons because the U.S. was at war with Italy at the time but everything turned out okay for him. Later, when his son tried to apply for Medicare, he discovered that the surname that appeared on his birth certificate was the family name that his father brought with him from Italy but the family never used here.

As far as other people who stopped off at our table, we gave our contact info to a person who had a friend who is Canadian/Arabic and thinking of immigrating to the United States. We gave a copy of Ms. Margaret W. Wong's book "The Immigrant's Way" to Ms. Jan Hall who expressed genuine interest in what we were doing.

To be sure, several people stopped by our table to chat about the Executive Orders pertaining to immigration and we were happy to hear that quite a few of them had strong reservations about them or at least were concerned about the impact.

Along these lines, one elderly woman walked over to us and stood looking at our banner for a minute and noted that we represented an immigration law office. She then nodded her head slowly and said, "it's timely now, isn't it?"


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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