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State of the Clinic 2016 Address by Dr. Cosgrove


On Wednesday, February 15th, we went to the Global Center for Health Innovative to hear Dr. Delos "Toby" M. Cosgrove, MD, CEO and President of the Cleveland Clinic, give his "State of the Clinic 2016" address which he said would be the first of three planned community gatherings for 2017; the next one slated for May will specifically address health issues in Northeast Ohio and the last one which will take place in the fall will concern itself with health care in the United States as a whole.

Before the program started, we talked to a friend of ours who didn't think, due to the weather, that the event would be very well-attended but, boy, was he wrong! The large ballroom was completely full and we recognized and said hello to a lot of people that we knew like Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, Ms. Beth Mooney (KeyBank), Dr. Akram Boutros (MetroHealth), Mr. Don Esarove (International Business Network), Mr. Jose Feliciano (Hispanic Roundtable), and Judge Brendan Sheehan who we plan to see again at the West Side Irish American Club this Saturday.


During the course of his one hour presentation, Dr. Cosgrove made excellent use of visuals to highlight his main points as he discussed the great progress that our clinic (and this he made perfectly clear-the Cleveland Clinic belongs to and is here for the people of Cleveland) has been making in such areas as research, innovation, education, quality and safety of patients and caregivers, and patient experience.

Dr. Cosgrove was very proud to announce that the Cleveland Clinic "is ranked the No. 2 hospital overall in "U.S. News and World Report's" annual 'Best Hospitals' survey."


To be sure, all sorts of new medical and scientific partnerships are being formed that wouldn't have existed a few years ago and we believe that Dr. Cosgrove is correct when he said that "team science" is very much a part of the future.

He praised the clinic as being a place that welcomes diversity and whose policies reflect that it cares deeply about those who work there. Along these lines, he introduced Dr. Suha Abushamma who was initially denied re-entry back into the United States due to President Trump's executive order pertaining to immigration because she held a passport from Sudan which was one of the seven countries affected by the 90 day travel ban. Dr. Cosgrove briefly talked about how Cleveland Clinic attorneys worked very hard on her behalf and how glad he was that she was back with us now.

In terms of international patients, themselves, those treated at the main campus in Cleveland dropped 7% in 2016 but Dr. Cosgrove believes that this might be because a large percentage of these patients came here from the Middle East to be treated and now the Abu Dhabi facility exists to tend to their needs.

Among the exciting new practices that he talked about were "shared medical appointments" which, according to what he said and what was written in a booklet that we were given, "bring patients with common diagnoses together in a setting that encourages asking questions and sharing experiences. In 2016, shared medical appointments grew 40% to over 17,700 visits."

It was also fascinating to hear about the increased use of "virtual visits" wherein a patient is visually conferring with her/his physician via computer or an app that can be downloaded into her/his cell phone.

One of the quotes that Dr. Cosgrove made use of was that of Abraham H. Maslow which read, "you will either step forward into growth or you will step backward into safety."

Accordingly, Dr. Cosgrove mentioned new Cleveland Clinic locations that just became operational like the Avon Hospital Roseann Park Family Tower the Express Care Clinic near Public Square as well as ones that will open in the very near future like the Cleveland Clinic Akron General Emergency Department, the Coral Springs Family Health Center in Florida, and the Taussig Cancer Center which will have its ribbon-cutting this very week.

 Dr. Cosgrove closed his presentation by telling us about a little girl named Maisie who was quite sick but thanks to her family, her doctors, and her caregivers rallying behind her and making use of innovative science, Maisie is doing better now. Her doctor said that Maisie inspired them all and hers is one of those "cases that stay with your heart."

Dr. Cosgrove made use of this poignant story to show why people in the medical profession are drawn to it and make sacrifices to be the best that they can be.

As he wrote in a letter that appeared in the booklet, "Cleveland Clinic is building for the future of patient care and the future of our communities. Looking ahead, we are transforming healthcare for the value-based era, expanding access, improving quality and working together to make healthcare more affordable. Our goal is to give every patient the best outcome and experience."



Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

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