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Eastern Lake County Coffee Contacts


First thing in the morning on Thursday February 16th, we attended the first of what would be two events on that day in the Lake County area.

This first event was an Eastern Lake County Coffee Contacts which took place at the "Brew Mentor" which instructs people on how to make their own wine and beer and provides the ingredients and supplies in order for them to do so. Each year the chamber has an event at this establishment which used to be located in a shopping center on Mentor Avenue but within the past few months has re-located to Diamond Centre Drive in Mentor right across from the Atlas Cinemas.


Mr. Brian Seelinger, one of the owners, said that "we get a different traffic here and we like it a lot," and then outlined some of the promising arrangements that the "Brew Mentor" has made with other local businesses to promote each other.

To be sure, the "Brew Mentor" has more to offer than the preparation of alcoholic beverages; in fact Mr. Rick Mack, the other owner, showed us the ingredients and explained to us how they also assist those who wish to create their own vinegar, cider, root beer, and have a penchant for specialty coffees.


While we were at the "Brew Mentor" one of our fellow chamber members asked us why an immigration attorney from Cleveland would want to be represented in Lake County. We explained that the local ethnic population was quite formidable and that the event that "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" put on at the Morley Library in Painesville went over very well.

Another happening that we were told went quite well was the annual reverse raffle put on by "Harvey High School" to help financially support its athletes. Due to a conflicting event we couldn't attend, though Ms. Margaret W. Wong bought a ticket though to show support, but we understand that the turnout this year was so good that the organizers ran out of 50/50 raffle tickets which is always a good sign.

Getting back to the creativity, one of our friends who was also there with us at the "Brew Mentor" quietly shared with us a story about how he and his roommate tried to make their own wine while they were college students living in the dorm at John Carroll University. They almost succeeded but an associate found out about it and tricked them into thinking the local police were about to raid the place. The end result was that the entire operation got dumped down the laundry chute.

We laughed because we have, as of late, been watching reruns of "That '70s Show" and the just-described incident would have fit perfectly into its venue.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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