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Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) Holds 2017 Cleveland Internship Summit

On Thursday, February 9th, we got up early so we could be in Independence at 7:30am so that we could attend the 2017 Cleveland Internship Summit put on by the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) that took place at the Embassy Suites Hotel.


As Mr. Joe Roman, President and CEO of the GCP, said in his opening remarks, there is a general consensus that the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area is experiencing a revitalization and in order to maintain the momentum we must attract young talent to our region and an internship is an excellent way for a promising youngster to have a good learning experience that can be beneficial to herself/himself as well as to the institution where she/he interns. Perhaps after the internship is completed, he/she may choose to remain here.

Some 200 people signed up for the GCP internship summit including educators, employers and students. We were there for the first part of the day primarily to network and let the participants know that "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" could help out on visa matters should a firm consider hiring international students.

Along these lines we connected with an educator who was considering assisting some European students who would like to come to the U.S. to do internships. We also talked to a representative from a prominent local institution about the troubles that arose when an incorrect visa was obtained for an associate.

Several people that we already knew like Ms. Deborah Rutledge of the Rutledge Group walked over to bid us well.

Lastly, as we were leaving we stopped to say "hello" to Dr. Julian Earls, Executive Director of the Monte Ahuja College of Business and Retired Director of the NASA Glenn Research Center, and to congratulate him on the fine speech he had just given on the value of internships.

Dr. Earls lit up and told us that Ms. Margaret W. Wong had once helped his son's bride when she immigrated to the United States from Milan. Thus if a Margaret Wong fan club ever got officially started, he asked us to please let him know because he would like to be its President.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC.

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